Flute Hazel

Flute Hazel £3.80
Whole glass filled with delicious ice cream combined with choclate sauce, topped with pieces of hazelnut.

Mango Delight

Mango Delight £3.80
Half of a real mango skin filled with natural mango sorbet

Coconut Surprise

Coconut Surpreme £3.80
Cool & delicious coconut ice cream packed into real half coconut shell

orange surprise

Orange Surprise £3.80
Whole orange scooped and refilled with tangy sorbet


Mouchak £3.80
Vanilla ice cream with nuts topped with glazed almonds & honey sauce

Funky Pie

Funky Pie £3.50
A biscuit crumb cup filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with toffee sauce and hazelnuts

Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge £3.50
Vanilla and toffee ice cream rolled in strips of fudge

Aroma Venus

Aroma Venus £3.50
Combination of raspberry sauce, cinnamon & chocolate ice cream. Topped with chocolate sauce & nuts.

Egg Man

Egg Man £3.95
Strawberry and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, packed in a plastic cup with a funny surprise.


Punky £3.95
Vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy.


Kulfi £2.30
Delicious Indian ice cream made from whole milk, nuts & fruits. Choice of mango, pistachio flavours.